Your supply chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. When it comes to technology, Freedom unconditionally refuses to be your weakest link. Freedom uses a mature, robust, and proprietary technology platform nicknamed TALON (Transaction and Logistics Operations Network). TALON was developed by Freedom, exclusively for Freedom, and sets Freedom apart from it's competitors. Because TALON is maintained by in-house developers, it quickly evolves to meet our industry's ever-changing needs, and even our customer's specific requirements. TALON integrates all of Freedom's business processes into a single, comprehensive interface. Daily activities such as CRM, order entry/tracking, receiving/inspection/shipping, inventory, accounting, ISO, document management, and a host of other business processes are handled effortlessly by TALON.

Freedom has invested over $1.5 million in TALON, an investment most brokers are unwilling or unable to make. Since it's inception, Freedom has invested heavily in technology. In an industry notorious for ignoring technology, one of Freedom's first hires was a full-time developer and systems administrator. Likewise, one of Freedom's earliest technology decisions proved to be one of it's wisest. In the year 2000, during an era of Microsoft-centric, client-server based IT group think, Freedom instead opted for an open-source, web-based platform, similar to what today's most successful enterprises are using. By 2000, Freedom had already implemented many of the web technologies (such as Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) that Mark Zuckerberg would later use to develop Facebook. The benefits were immediately obvious and remain so to this day. Instead of wasting resources on desktop software development and maintenance, TALON's only client requirement is a standard web browser. Resources can instead be focused on the server. Any software changes to the server are immediately available to all clients. This web-based approach has become increasingly valuable as our world moves from traditional desktop PCs to mobile devices and the cloud.

A few of TALON's attributes are listed below.

    Our digital inspection cameras are linked directly with the TALON system. Each digital image is automatically, instantly, and permanently linked to the order and part number it is associated with. Digital images include the order number, part number, and timestamp. This process has been in place since early 2008.

    TALON links all order-related documents to each order. Customer POs, invoices, test reports, data sheets, inspection images, inbound/outbound faxes, and more are available with a single click.

    All TALON transactions are permanently stored and logged, providing a complete record of your order's history. This includes timestamps, user information, and even the device where the transaction took place. TALON data cannot be deleted. With a single click, a complete history of each order, line item, inventory item, or customer/contact is available.

    TALON provides activity-based and content-based access control. Your information is restricted to only those employees who are authorized to work with your data, and only for the activities for which the employee is authorized to perform.

    Typical TALON transaction times average less than .05 seconds, or five one-hundreths of a second. Information is almost instantaneous from the user's perspective.

    TALON is used to manage our ISO and ESD systems. KPI data is entered and viewed from TALON. Users must access ISO/ESD documentation directly from TALON, ensuring they are working with up-to-date and correct operating procedures, forms, etc.

    In addition to core business processes, TALON has been used to track employee time/attendance and log all calls since 2003.

Freedom is justifiably proud of TALON. It is at the core of our business processes and is one of the attributes that ensures Freedom will never be the weak link in your supply chain.